Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Count down to nov 1

Hey geeks long time no c lets count down for glee season 3 episode 4 btw happy Halloween muahahahha lol

Friday, October 14, 2011

Who left glee?

We all were wondering who left glee?... i posted recently before season 3 started that someone will leave glee and it was no rumor it was actually true... and that was sam..
We do not know the full story of sam evans, But it probably has to do with money as i was searching i found this..

Someone asked : Why did Sam Evans not come back for season 3 of Glee?
And Another Someone replied : I think the production wanted him to come back but they couldn't agree on contracts/salary. My guess is that he wanted more money to come back and they didn't offer it.

it could be true gleeks... we never know

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pot O'f Gold

Hey gleeks i saw this on a youtube video on comments of pot-o-gold Episode,
The pot-o-gold ep will play nov 1 can't wait! here are somethings you might just want to know (if you do not want to know dont read their are some spoilers :P)

1) Damian is gonna appear in this episode

2) Brittana is finally ON

3) Santana joins Shelby's group too

4) Burt is gonna compete against Sue

5) Quinn is gonna put hot sauce in Beth's food to proof Shelby's a bad mother

6) Puck's on Shelby's side.

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