DO NOT READ MOST OF OF THIS STUFF WILL HAPPEN ON GLEE AND CAN RUIN THE SHOW FOR YOU SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO NOT READ. 14 SPOILERS AHEAD! Spoilers on season 3 episode 19 - prom-asauras 1. Brittany announces that the prom theme will be about DINOSAURS! 2. Mark salling/puck does not like that prom theme as he stated ''fan-friggen Tastic!'' 3. Lea michelle a.k.a rachel berry is wearing a stunning beautiful soft pink dress 4. also puck and becky are in the room together as he places a carton He places a crown made of cardboard beer as wetpaint says could it be that they are prom dates?! 5. mike and tina are just adorable together but also as wetpaint stated they could split up cause mike is a senior and will be graduating soon and tina is a only a junior. but you know age/grade it but a number. 6. rachel rips up a poster of quinn and finn together for prom what could that be? or is it just a prank 7. Rachel is venting to kurt and blaine while they all sit in chairs on stage. 8. also what happens if finn and quinn get nominated for prom king and queen?!? oh well! 9. The girls santana brittany and tina are singing i love you like a love song by selena gomez 10. and the guys are singing what makes you beautiful by one direction 11. And brittany is singing dinosaur by Ke$ha 12. principle figgins is dancing at the prom 13. In the promo finn looks at quinn on the floor with her wheel-chair and he YELLS! : STAND UP! could quinn be faking that she is in a wheelchair just so she gets nominees as prom queen she looks at him like she could stand up.. hmm well we will see! 14 and joe a.k.a sammuel the glee project looks like he is about to punch finn and sue sylvester gets angry that finn is ruining prom!.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GLEE SEASON 3 EPISODE 20 AND 21!!!!!! We have no spoilers YET! but we have the song list they will sing and we have some photos of glee and 1 promo, i think will is making glee do person switches like tina will be rachel rachel will be tina etc Check out these funny! and incredible photos!
Tina as rachel
Sugar as quinn and sammuel as mike
Puck as blaine
Mike as joe
Blaine as puck And IF you want to know the SONG THEY WILL SING keep reading and if you want to see the promo scroll all the way down the page Track List: - Irene Cara’s “Flashdance (What a Feeling),” performed by Rachel (Lea Michele) and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) - Taylor Swift’s “Mean, performed by Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) and Puck (Mark Salling) - Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up,” performed by Rachel - Celine Dion’s “Because you Loved Me,” performed by Tina Now here is the promo CHECK THE GLEE BLOG FOR SOMETHING AMAZING THAT WILL HAPPEND AND I CAN'T BELIEVE!!!

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