Friday, May 18, 2012

Goodbye glee :(

Goodbye glee season 3 glee at high school. Some say amber riley (Mercedes) Diana aragon (quinn) Puck > lots more are not going to be back for season 4. Ryan murphy said : They will be back in glee. i just can't say how many episodes they will appear in. Most of the main characters of glee will be on glee like : rachel, finn, tina, artie (maybe). So we have to see what will happened. we will get to see tina's high school experience maybe.. never know right.. And i hear Klaine won't be anymore :((( but some say that it also could be kurt that breaks up with blaine cause they he goes to new york... and they say Finchel might call of the engagement :(.. oh well you never know what will happened on the way on season 4.. maybe rachel finds a new boyfriend.. or she gets back together with finn.. or they never break up Check out Detailed information about what will happened in glee on

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