Monday, May 16, 2011

I have no idea what to post next what do you think?

What should i post next??
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I was just thinking on how i got my glee t-shirt at walmart! lol
i wanted to tell you the journey on how i got this shirt. XD
So i was at my grandma's house 2 weeks ago and i was going to go to walmart and get some shoes cause i have none i've been using my little sisters shoes she is my younger sister and her feet are bigger than mine p.p any ways! yeahhh so then i walked by and i saw glee t-shirts! my grandma asked if i wanted 1 im like YEAH and she is like lets get ur shoes before. so im like ok lets go i go get my shoes witch clearly they did not have my number! for anyyyyyyy shoe i mean any so it was long to find short converse soooo later on i got the glee t-shirt it says proud gleek take a look of my pic! :D

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