Monday, May 16, 2011

Witch episode are you on glee? also will haters start watching glee too?

seriously everyone could be watching it on fox instead of online. The thing is we dont have the patience to wait every week for an episode so that's why we search for some eps online. My friend laura says she will never watch glee.. unfortunately she always says that but i know she will want to watch it after i post a bunch of things talking about glee on facebook. showing her my dvd's, my glee shirt, and all.. The next day after saying she will never watch glee cause its a horrible show, my skype phone rings. its laura what do u know? i say hi laura whats up?.. Laura : Hi layla i'm watching glee its not so bad but its not so good either. now u think im crazy laura?? no i dont think so.. lol any ways. she makes it to season 2 but i asked her where did she get that glee on her tv did she buy it?? did she rent it?? idk well she tells me that her playstation could connect to the computer and watch any movie or show.. funny i totally forgot that i had a playstation and could do the exact same thing! LOL so i wanted to watch with her but she goes further than me and when she is done she gives me the link really laura? really. any ways i just wanted to say how everyone says they wont watch it. and one day they will end up watching it even if it takes 3 weeks or more everyone has the interest to find out what will happen in glee or any other show!

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